Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hi Dela

These are my in house drawings - I changed my story a wee bit. These are somewhat cleaned up versions of my original drawing.

I'll give you brief character descriptions - please let me know if it reads clearly or not and I'll change whatever doesn't read clearly. Also, let me know if the poses work and the weights right.

Madame Chioke
Haitian Priestess that has the ability to connect with ghosts and communicate with them. She is the leader and director of the team. She can open up gateways and can send the ghosts back to the afterlife using her voodoo powers and abilities. Her snake is her protecter and is always with her. She is dependent on her crew to help find relics and ancient spells. Her Scholar teammate, Colonel Tristan Pascal helps her do this.

Colonel Tristan Pascal
He was a high ranking Colonel for Napoleon's Army but quit because he was haunted by the horrors he saw and began seeing ghosts of all the soldiers and people he killed. He went to Haiti to find peace and embraced Voodoo to help him with this. He met the Priestess here and she helped excorcise some of the demons that have been haunting him. They moved back to Paris together and teamed up together as Ghosthunters. His walking stick is a gift from the Prietess and is used as a weapon and has symbols and spells engraved on it that give it power. He is an older character but is fairly agile and athletic. He has a pet monkey (or rather, a Marmoset) named Napoleon that hangs around him all the time - he adopted him in Haiti. He is also noted scholar and historian.

He is a ghost hater. He is the outsider of the group and his main motivation for ghosthunting is selfishness. He wears a mask because he a wanted man by the unrested souls and doesn't want to be known by anyone. He is a vengeful character and every soul he catches makes him more powerful. . Being around the team has helped him repress this - he is present when really difficult or strong ghosts are needed to be taken care of. Because he is pushing his carnal instincts somewhat inside, his attack is always vicious. He wants to do the right thing everytime, but his motivation is fuled by negativity from his past. The team helps him deal with this (although he often relapses). He ran into them at a demon excorcism and has since been on the team. He and the Colonel are always butting heads due to differences. The crows are his two pets and follow him wherever he goes.

Anh Papillion
Is a Chinese "Tea-House girl". She is an undead and attracts the ghosts with her singing. She is always followed and surrounded by moths and fireflies. She is blind and the fireflies help her to see - giving her a blurry vision, but still giving her light. When she summons a ghost, the fireflies move to the ghost surrounding and resting on it, so she can see the ghosts. But this leaves her vulnerable too and she does have a fear of ghosts. The sound of the moths flickering wings guide her - they flitter fast if a ghost is near or when danger is near. She is on the team because of a past relationship with the Colonel. She found him after she died and eventually became a part of the team.

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