Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ideations/Character Revision

Hey Dela, here is the revision I've made to the shaman's face. I tried to simplify and design the face into more distinct shapes that fit together, plus I wanted to make sure she looked young. For the interior, I was thinking of first doing a grand library that would be in his house since he's a smart type of guy, but I did some research and I wanted to push the environment, so I decided to go with a conservatory/green house interior. I love the thought of plants in the interior, plus lots of windows. I wanted to incorporate the blimp they travel in to be a part of their headquarters, which lands through the roof, in which the characters would descend off a platform that was the shape of the eiffel tower. I thought this would subconsciously incorporate a bit of french without being to blatant. I'm planning on adding water to the interior, the characters would have to cross over a stone walkway to get to the otherside. Anyway, I'm gonna get crackin on this, any thoughts would always be great though. Thanks!

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