Friday, March 9, 2007

Nigel: Finished color.

Hey Dela,
Interesting that you pointed me to reference Ryan Wood. I actually was browsing the blogs and found his page, thought it was interesting, but never really had the guts to step out of my comfort zone and go for that style of painting. I spent roughly 12 hours on this piece trying to apply the techniques he uses in his paintings. I really had fun with it. Im going to try to get the rest of them to this quality as soon as I can, since the rest are still flat colors. Thanks for the suggestion. Any way to improve this would be great also, thanks!



Dela Longfish said...

Great start! I'm really digging your work.

With your characters drawings I think people expect that flat color treatment, which is fine and works great. But for yourself push what you can do and then you have the opportunity to exceed those expectations. I have no doubt that if you do that flat color it will still look great, I just want to see we you can take this.

Be sure to bring all your work, your first paints and these new ones.

Jaime Ramirez said...

Wow. Great job on the drawing and painting Nigel. Very inspiring.