Saturday, March 3, 2007

Janet: Theatre Ghost Hunters

Hi Dela, thanks for your great comments on my thumbnails. There is some influence from "Prestige" in my work since I saw it before this project. Do you have an email or other preferences for contacting you other than the blog?

I was wondering how you print your color pieces. When I finish color pieces I end up spending hours to match the printout to what I see on my screen. Is there a way to fix this? Below is some new work for the ghost hunters. Have fun at wondercon!

Costume maker for theatre. Was blinded by an accident but uses tentacle like string to capture ghosts and seal them in a mask. I'd like the kimono to look more tattered, upperclass, and a little paris influence detail maybe.
Middle eastern influenced magician.
Sleepless soldier that sees ghosts. My finish will look more like that thumbnails on the bottom.
Orphan boy adopted by the theatre, assists Andreas in his hunting endeavors.


Dela Longfish said...

Color Printing.

This can be a problem where ever you are, and if you are working on a lap top, even worse.

At my last job, not this one, we had a similar problem. I called nick named our printer the "butcher shop". People would ask if I had finished a piece, and I'd tell them "yeah I just sent it to the butcher shop." We did everthing, recalibrated the printer, recalibrated my monitor and settings. After a while I just knew how it would print and could paint it so it would come out the way I wanted it to.

So print it out to something that you feels is close or at least a good representation of the colors for class. If you have it on a laptop or usb stick we can also view it that way. And I'll talk more about this in class.

I don't want you having to spend hours on matcing the print that could be spent spent on drawings and work. But, again I'll talk about this in class.

Dela Longfish said...

I like the Costume maker idea, and the other ones as well. For your character of the magacian I like the third drawing, because that one actually shows the middle eastern influence.

I'm not sure if you in class last time we met. But I went over character design and I showed a lot of examples of professional work and some of my own stuff. If you want I can show that and go over what we spoke about in class if you weren't there.