Monday, March 26, 2007

Next Class

Hope everyone is enjoying spring break. For those of you who were not at last class, this week the moment piece is due. This takes all the work you've been doing thus far on characters and environment and combines them.

This week we I will also have you turn in your characters and environment pieces, as well as speed paints. We will also be starting the next project.


John-Paul Balmet said...

Hey Dela,

So are we doing an in house for the moment piece, and turning in the environment as well, or are we putting the characters in the environment and calling that the moment piece?

Nigel Li said...

hey dela,

sorry if you have already gone over this last class.

i was just wondering, we have class this saturday on 3-31-2007?

or is this next assignment due the week after spring break, 4-7-2007?


Dela Longfish said...


Right now put your characters in the environments you had from last week and paint it.

If you have time when that's done I would recommend doing another piece with your character in the scene, really using the camera in the piece. For you that would be like, one of your characters on the bike in the for ground with the big machine in the back.

Dela Longfish said...


We will be meeting this Saturday 3/31/7.

We'll be criting work and then jump into the next assignment.