Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bui: FINAL Final Animatic

Here is the final animatic.

I took your advice Dela. I hope everything reads better.

Crits, anyone?


Dela Longfish said...


The changes you made feel like they are reading stronger. The left to right shot of the villian running across the bridge still feels a little flat to me, run it by Tim and see what he thinks.

Looking at this again, for time and clarity sake, you may want to think about omiting the boards with the lantern after the fight.

My main concern with that is clarity for anyone seeing this who is unfamiliar with your story may not get it, and I don't want them being taken out of your story. I don't feel taking it out will hurt it scene since it isn't set up previuosly and doesn't set up a reveal in this sequence. This way you get to the reveal of this spirit/ghost character quicker.

Again run this by Tim, see what he says and finish this up. The next thing for you to do is a short test demostrating your foundation skills for storyboarding. I think it will be good to show what you know as well as give you a second portfolio piece.

Raul Carvajal soriano said...

wow!!this is very good,congratulations!