Thursday, May 3, 2007

Interviews, interviews, interviews.

This weekend we will be holding mock interviews with each student to give you a taste of what you might experience in the real world.

You will be interviewed by myself and another industry professional who has kindly donated his time to come in to help out, so consider this as a seriuos learning expirence. We will set this up as close to a real interview as we can short of offering you a job.

Each interview will be about fifthteen minutes just so we can get through the class. I would suggest wearing what you feel is appropriate, bring a portfolio and any thing else you feel you need.

When we are finished we will talk about the interview process, tell you about our expirencesas well as yours, and answer any questions you have.

Stay tunned for more informaition and the time of your interview.

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Lauren Reeser said...

Hey Dela. This sounds great! Thanks for the opportunity. Just so you know, SHM is holding a lecture with Dave Colman, of animal drawing fame, at 12 pm. If possible, I would like to have my interview before the lecture. If not, it's no big deal. Thanks so much --Lauren