Thursday, May 10, 2007

Final Assignment

Here is the final assignment it is based on the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. This book is about a conversation between two men, one is a king and the other is describing to the king about cities he has seen on his many travels.

This is a more advanced project, based on how you approach it, as well as the subject. Originally I was going to use this as an example of how environment can influence the design of it characters. So the assignment was read about the environment and then design the people that inhabit that world.

For your final assignment I'm leaving the option up to you. Pick one city then based on the text, choose for yourself what you want to focus on. That can be characters, environments, props, moment scenes, or something else based on your portfolios focus. Please let me know which you are choosing to due so I can
crit it appropriately.


Janet Lau said...

Just wondering, when will the final assignment be due?

Dela Longfish said...

We'll discuss it tomorrow during class.