Sunday, May 20, 2007


Party/Picnic/Potluck in my town, Milpitas.

All of you guys are invited. It is located at Sinnott Park at the end of:

tahoe drive
milpitas, ca 95035

Partry from 3-8 pm. Hope to see you guys there!

More details at this link:


drawingnikki said...

now that the partying is over.
concept art job

drawingnikki said...

junior environment artist

and environment artist

Nikki Lukas said...

concept job


Nikki Lukas said...

texture artist

environemnt artist

concept artist

Nikki Lukas said...

environment artist

Activision wants to meet you! Come and meet developers from “Call of Duty”, “Tony Hawk”, “Spider-Man” and many more!

Representatives from Activision’s development studios (Treyarch, Luxoflux, Neversoft, Infinity Ward, Shaba, Toys For Bob, Activision Foster City, Vicarious Visions, Raven and Beenox) will be in the following cities this summer:

Los Angeles - Thursday, June 28th

San Francisco - Thursday, August 16th

This is a casual meet and greet, so bring your questions and co-workers!

If you are in game development and would like to attend email: today, be added to the list!