Tuesday, May 1, 2007

puppet final inhouse (with fixes)

Still not 100% sure about the color. Any advise and comments are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the comment jaime, i made the camel bigger. And thanks jp, i added a little bit behind the cart to show a little depth, while kepping the silohuette primary. heres the fixes:

before and after fixes:


Jaime Ramirez said...

Hi Nigel, great work with the color. The thing that stood out for me was the size of the camel in relation to your character and the cart. The camel looks very small. Also, the size of the camel and the size of the bag behind the cart are the same size/shape. You may want to make the camel bigger to have different size relationship and also make it seem like he can pull all that weight. Hope this helps.

Dela Longfish said...


I like the way you handled the cart. The trim on the cart is great. Jaime made a good point, good to see you already made the change.

Your Camel is looking good. I think the legs can still be redrawn to give them a little more form and stability.

I really like the time and thought you put into the piece. One thing to be aware of when ever you put your drawing in profile you run the risk of flattening it out. I feel that is starting to happen here a little. You may already have done this, but if you have time give me a drawing of the cart at an angle to see the depth of your design.

pavementmouse said...

Really nice stuff going on here. It looks like you got Enrique's style of rendering cloth down. But one small thing, I keep focusing on the rice paper stage of the cart. Maybe because its illuminated and its making quite the contrast. Maybe think about it and possibly put a new color on the focal point, possibly a type of red could be nice. Again i think you have come along way from your first ideations.

jehan said...

hey nigel this is sweet. i keep looking at the lanterns however.. maybe it's no big deal but it would be nice to see a little variation in style or size of them.. little more natural feeling perhaps?

Dela Longfish said...

Jehan's got a good point about the lanterns. You don't need to go extreme with them since the are not a primary focus, but size and shape variation will help with a more dynamic and natural feel to the piece. I would suggest just doing that in Photoshop for times sake.

Nigel Li said...

Thanks alot guys. I am still struggling as too what i want my primary focus to be. I tried to make it very silohuette based, and have that as the focus of attention. I probably need to clear up what within the silohuette i want my focus to be. Any suggestions for the focal point? or what you would like to see as the primary?

besides that, i will fix the changes with the lamps, the camels feet, and add a little red, on the "yet to be decided focal point."

Thanks again for all the suggestions.

Martin Kau said...

Hey nigel, i did a really quick pass, which i think can be pushed a bit more now looking at it. I figured everything was too middle ground. Push the values more, that was what i was attempting to do without destroying you image. Popped in highlights on the brass railing fromt he reflected light off the stage curtain. changed the glows on the hanging pieces of cloth to the center a little more so the edges wouldn't be lost, and to keep a more of a sense of transluencencyyy (sp?...bah) of the cloth. One thing that was bothering me through the piece though was the fact that he was traveling, and he had lit the inside of his cart.
This could suggest that he has a partner inside, cause i don't think people would light an unattended fire while driving back then and why is it not dark around the whole piece if all the lights are on. from a vis dev stand point you should have at least some darkness behind the whole piece, cause the white of the page is throwing all the lighting off.
I was thinking, if you want to preserve the image and not have to redo the whole lighting scenario, still put a dark night sky and some silouettes of mountains behind him and light properly, and to save the fact that he has the light on in his cart, place some silouettes of shadow puppets there, so it's one obvious to the viewer what the cart is for, and secondly it could be a story element of this is how he advertiese himself when he enters a town. i'm going to post the image redid of this on my blog. mookau13.blogspot.com this is a lot of stuff, but hope it helps, over all though, dope, keep up the good work. Oh yeah, forgot, if you want too, you can take the guy down off the cart and place him in front like he's presnting the stage, and then place the camel somewhere in 3/4 like they just stopped to put on the show. Oh yeah and the light may be swinging just a little if they are in motion, so instead of having three straight lines parrallel on the page, you can break that up by tilting them as if they were in motion. alright... b4 i think of anything else, good luck and peace.