Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jaime's Shadow Puppeteers

Hi Dela, I want to thank you and Jeff so much for the mock interviews. It was very helpful and I learned a lot. I really appreciate your time and effort in making it like a real interview.

Here are my Shadow Puppeteers: Father and Son. They both work together traveling around entertaining the towns. The father, on the left, is an expert puppeteer and cares a lot about his craft/profession. He holds a shadow puppet with great care. He wants to pass down the skills to his only son. On the right is his son. His son means well but is clumsy, lazy, and goofy. He holds his shadow puppet the incorrect way and breaks it. He also wears a picture of his mother on his head wrap in her memory. In the middle is the Beast of Burden, Buddy. He is loyal and grew up with the shadow puppeteer family. He likes to have fun but can sometimes get into trouble too. He sometimes doesn't have patience for the shadow puppeteer's son and hates it when he sleeps on his back and drools (As seen in the story beat below) A smaller story beat depicts Buddy and the son knocking over the cart and getting yelled at by the shadow puppetmaster. Any critique would be great. Thanks.


Sarita Kolhatkar said...

Hey Jaime!

I love these characters! I like the way you painted them - I love the way the Rhino is textured. I was thinking it would be kinda cool if you also did an interaction drawing of the two characters. It'd be nice to see how the father and son get along. This was feedback Dela gave me too - put all the characters in the scene and see if they like their from the same world and how they interact. Hope this helps! Again, nice work as usual. I posted my Maya environment on ACME - if you have some time, drop by some feedback. Thanks! Take care.

Jaime Ramirez said...

Thanks for the feeback Sarita. I think that is a great idea having the two characters interact and also having them all in one scene to see if they fit in the same world. By the way I checked out your Maya environment and left some feedback on Acme. Thanks again and take care.